Senior Member Training

The squadron is the foundation of Civil Air Patrol. Just as an organization needs people to handle the finances, the human resources, logistics etc. each squadron needs people to handle the various tasks it takes to create a successful squadron.

Civil Air Patrol has a training program for adults which focuses on how to be a productive member of the squadron. It starts with the Level 1 training learning the history and the basics of how CAP functions.

After Level 1, each member chooses how she or he would like to contribute as an active member. CAP has “specialty tracks” to choose from. Examples of specialty tracks include: Personnel, Aerospace Education, Public Affairs, Cadet Program, Finance, Emergency Services and Information Technology. Each specialty track has a list of tasks that takes a senior member from the Technician to the Senior to the Master level.

As the senior member gains experience, he/she will want to expand their knowledge about CAP and increase his abilities to participate. Here is the link to the different levels available to the senior member.