Visalia Christmas Parade 2015

Visalia Christmas resized3CadetsandPrincesses The 2015 Visalia Christmas Parade will be lead by the color guard from the Tulare-Kings Composite Squadron of Visalia. The cadets have practiced hard to be ready for the evening. Getting ready included having to order and prepare the flags, the guidon and the flag poles. The senior members did a great job putting together the equipment needed for the night.

So last night we met at Visalia airport for some more practice. Once ready all traveled to the parade. After a mini “Search and Rescue” to find the Commander, everyone met up at the starting line and had time before the parade to meet other participants. Some special participants came up to meet the cadets and asked for a picture with them. The queen and princesses of the parade were a huge success with the cadets.

The weather was a tad cool, but luckily it didn’t rain. The only unexpected event that happened was  when one of the horses had to relieve himself and of course they don’t mind doing so in public. The ladies holding the banner behind us didn’t get out of the way soon enough and their shoes got a little bit wet. I was so thankful the horses and other animals were BEHIND us!Visalia Christmas parade resized2

Visalia Christmas resized5So many people came out for the parade and the cadets were a hit! People were lined up on both sides and they cheered and applauded as the cadets walked by. Some of the little ones would stand up and salute as we went by and some would want to give us the “high 5”.  There were all so cute.  The route was easy but it did seem to go on forever. We were all glad to see the end of the route. All in all it was a great night.